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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 4PM  CBS  November 8, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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. cleveland 19 news sponsored by value city furniture rng bringing you styles that fit your life and fit your budget. getting answers for you, cleveland 19 news starts now. it's decision day. it's all up to the voters after one of seasons ever. millions will decide today donald trump or hillary clinton. >> reporter: early indication are that voter turnout has been strong and hillary clinton got out early herself to cast a ballot. cheering crowds greeted hillary clinton as she arrived to vote
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the democratic candidate said voting for herself was humbling. >> i know how much responsibility goes with this and so many people are counting on the outcome of this election. >> reporter: former president bill clinton says he's already getting used to the idea of being the country's first commonwealth bank gent-- first, first gentleman. >> reporter: pennsylvania is one of the battle ground states and clinton campaign workers went door to door to get out the vote. these philadelphia voters didn't need a reminder. >> i think hillary will make him as for himself. >> reporter: the clinton team will be watching the results at a party under an actual glass ceiling. >> i'm jamie yuccas. trump gave voters high five and talked to voters. >> did you vote? >> reporter: trump said he was encouraged by early returns.
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>> reporter: the republican nominee called it a tremendous honor to run for president. paul canton voted for trump. >> why are you voting for donald trump? >> because we need change in washington and because of all of the corruption that's been going on and all of the coverups. >> reporter: other voters are relieved that the mud slinging is coming to an end. >> i'm exhausted. [ laughing ] >> so glad it's over. >> reporter: security is very tight around this mid town m manhattan hotel. we saw a number of polic outside and secret service is sweeping floor by floor. i'm jamie yuccas in new york. now back to you. >> mark: jamie, thank you. here in cuyahoga county, many are still lining up at the polls. >> romona: shelby miller is at the board of election as folks continue to cast their ballot. shelby, what is happening there? >> reporter: hey, ramona and mark. they say since this place opened this morning, they have had a pretty steady flow of people. but the biggest line by far was just this morning before the polls even opened.
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of elections. there are a couple dozen people right here waiting in line to cast their ballots and vote today. now, voters survey show that about 80% of voters today said that they waited ten minutes or less to cast their ballots here in cuyahoga county and the board of elections director says they're on target to hit that 67% voter turnout that he predicted yesterday. that means they're expecting about 357,000 people to cast their ballot in person today i now, that may sound like a lot. but that's actually down about 25,000 people from back in 2012. and as this day starts to wrap up here and people get off work, they're hoping more people come out here and vote today. now, here is what the board of elections director said a little bit ago. >> we had a very robust turnout this morning and there were some long lines. but they dwindled down pretty
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turnout throughout the period. >> reporter: now, earlier today there was also a security concern at one of the polling locations in cleveland. the director told us earlier that somebody was told they had gone to the wrong polling location and they were told to go to the right one. but when they refused to do so, they said that they threatened to bring a gun back to that location. so deputies were called and they were sent out to that person's waiting to hear back for more details on exactly what happened. but they said that situation is under control. again, that happened in cleveland. now, coming up at 4:30 here on cleveland 19 news, i'll talk more about complaints that have happened throughout the day here. but they say over all, so far so good in cuyahoga county. live in cleveland, shelby miller, cleveland 19 news. >> romona: thank you, shelby. we continue our team coverage with harry boomer and paul orlousky. >> mark: they are both focusing on opposing candidates watch parties. let's go first to harry.
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i'm here at the cuyahoga county democratic headquarters on superior avenue. you know, ohio right here, cuyahoga county is ground zero when it comes to democrats. if hillary clinton does well in this county, it will give her a firewall against more conservative parts of the state downstate. now, here at the party headquarters, they're going to begin gathering at about 8:00 to watch on this screen behind me the returns. and i'll be here and i will be gauging the mood, talking to people about how they think mrs. clinton is doing as it relates to donald trump. and then we will, of course, be doing lots of other talking to people who come through here. right now, though, our paul orlousky is in ohio city. he is covering the donald trump local aspect of this. orlo. >> reporter: well, harry, they're getting ready here. i know the first thing they're going to change i see a big screen watch for the watch party. it's on cnn. i bet when the gop big wigs get here, that's going to switch over to fox or maybe cleveland 19, huh?
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going on. they have the big screen tv here as well as kind of a stage area where various ee lelected offic are going to speak from and then a vip area where some of the real state-wide elected officials. we inspect mary taylor might be here. and back there, they'll watch and then come out and keep the crowd riled up, cheered up, whatever you want to say. and there's the vo right there. you can see some of the setup that's gone on. so a vip area for lots of vip big donors, elected officials state-wide. and probably the hst official that we're going to see will be lieutenant governor mary taylor. that's very interesting, because obviously governor kasich not supporting any donald trump effort. so we'll have to talk to her when she gets here as well. in any case, i'll put a stopwatch on it and let you know exactly how long it takes for the tv to go from cnn to fox once some of the big shots get here. that's it reporting live from crop bistro on west 25th street at lorraine. this is paul orlousky, now, jeff, it's raining outside. i'm glad it's inside.
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and as we expected, the showers have moved in this afternoon. it's not a real heavy rain. but it's more of a nuisance thing. you will need the rain gear if you haven't made it out to the polls yet. now, where it's not raining still in canton, dover, new philly, youngstown, columbiana county. it will be raining. that rain is moving in from the west. so where it's not raining, it will be within the hour. right now we have the steadiest rain here around sandusky. the lake erie islands. and this is moving east. raining again. so we're going to be seeing these showers now pretty much all night because we got the system and then we have some lake-effect rain that develops here later on tonight. so now through about 7:00 in the morning, wet travel. the winds are going to be picking up as well. this as the cold front comes through. so the next few hours, showers in the forecast. 56 at 5:00. 56 at 6:00. down to 55 at 7:00.
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it could be colder. and it was mild this afternoon before the rain hit. but we do expect the big temperature change tomorrow on the other side of this guy. details on that my next time. mark and ramona, back to you. >> mark: jeff, thank you. the city of cleveland is trying to pass a first income tax hike in 35 years. >> yep. it's a half a percent hike that cleveland residents will vote on, but it will affect anyone who works in cleveland. jen picciano joins us now live to fill us in on this issue. jen. said at issue here is half a percent from 2 to 2.5%, which would generate an extra $80 million plus annually. and mayor frank jackson tells me passing it would allow for them to prevent layoffs and also improve safety and other services. >> reporter: you'll see it as issue 32 on your ballot. those who only work and don't live in cleveland don't get a vote. but they will contribute more than 80% of the funds generated
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passes. in a one-on-one about this ballot issue, mayor frank jackson says this is not something he wants to do but something he has to do. something he's put off for years. so for voters still making up their mind about this issue, i asked mayor jackson how did we get here? >> the loss of property values associated with the financial collapse, we lost $20 million of property tax. and we're still feeling the impact of that. so we acty $20 million less than what we had in 2010. now, the other thing that when we began to recover from the recession and things became more prosperous, the state legislature passed in the governor's office began to pass legislation that took away our share of revenues from the state that amounted to tens of
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does pass, that 40 plus million dollar deficit will be erased for the city of cleveland, plus they will have an additional 35 to $40 million that they can use for improvements to city services when it comes to equipment, frequency of services and personnel. i've been in touch with both the police and the fire unions today and both have endorsed or recommended approving issue 32. getting answers in cleveland, jen picciano, cleveland 19. >> romona: and cleveland 19 news will election coverage from 7:00 until 11:30 on both cleveland 19 and our sister station cle 43, as well as our cleveland 19 news app. and straight ahead here at 4:00. >> mark: problems at the polls. our election 2016 team coverage
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this is the all-new ford super duty. live from cleveland's news center, driven by don joseph toyota in kent, this is cleveland 19 news. >> romona: one northeast ohio woman says when she tried to vote at her local polling place this morning, she was told that she couldn't. you. dani carlson is getting answers in north ridgeville tonight about what happened. and, dani, did she get a chance to vote? >> reporter: well, you know what, ramona, she did. zoe carter eventually did get a chance to vote. and the only reason that it was even in question at all was because she wore a donald trump shirt here to the polling place. now, she says she didn't know that it was an issue.
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initially pretty angry when someone told her she couldn't vote. now, you'll hear in the sound bite she's from england. she's been an american citizen for 14 years and said she wasn't trying to campaign for any candidate but the law is clear on this. you can't campaign within 100 feet of the entrance to a polling place or within 10 feet of voters standing in line. and that includes wearing shirts, buttons or stickers for any candidate at all. do you feel like you were targeted because you were supporting donald trump? >> i think if you would have been wearing any type of shirt, they would have said the same thing. i just wasn't aware it was a law at the time. >> reporter: now, we're here at that north ridgeville polling site where carter came this morning. there are people out here holding signs, but they are the requisite 100 feet from the entrance to this polling place. now, carter did eventually get to vote because there was another person standing in line who gave her a jacket. so she was just able to cover up that shirt so it didn't clearly
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she said that she spoke to us because she wanted to make sure that other people understood that this was an issue and to make sure that people didn't wear things to the polling place and they weren't allowed to vote. now, as you've been hearing in our newscast today, there haven't been many major problems we've heard about. but several of you have written into us with questions, with concerns. and i've been working all night getting answers for you. and we will have more on that coming up tonight at cleveland 19 news at 6:00. getting answers in north ridgeville, dani carlson, >> romona: and i'll piggyback on what dani just said, if you are have problems voting today, cleveland 19 has several resources to use to make your voice heard. contact dani carlson, as she just said. or carl monday. and the addresses on the screen either by way of e-mail or twitter. jeff. >> jeff: all right. thank you. we continue to monitor the rain moving in here or moving through, i should say. most of the rain is light.
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you saw dani's live shot there. people with the umbrellas. and you will need that tonight. we have some colder air coming in for one day. tomorrow. i say one day because by thursday we start to warm up again. it really is the up and down temperature pattern. now, this rain that you see here, this swath of light to moderate rain coming through, this is associated with the front itself. so i switched over the live scan. right now not much happening in downtown cleveland. but rocky have a shower moving through here. elyria, north ridgeville. here is another steadier batch of rain. vermilion and florence right along the turnpike and then here out on the lake erie islands and the sandusky area. now, this is how the radar is going to look at about 7:00 this evening. temps in the low to mid 50s. the wind starting to pick up. but here you see it coming through. 10:00 we're still going to have some showers in the area.
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lake-effect rain will develop here over night and tomorrow morning. so you're going to wake up to some spotty showers. t temps will be in the 40s and we don't move from there. we'll basically hold steady in the mid to upper 40s. spotty showers in the morning and then things should dry up a little bit in the afternoon. a cloudy, windy, much colder day ahead. here is a look at the rain totals. and, again, nothing too heavy. most of us will see about quarter to half inch of rain. mansfield you're in line at about 4-tenths or so of an inch. so showers in the forecast tonight. the wind will pick up throughout the evening as well. but still pretty mild for this time of year. we drop down to 47. and we won't hit that until morning. akron-canton cloudy, mild and showers in the forecast for you. 47. and then tomorrow's high only 48. so we were in the 60s today.
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tomorrow. some spotty morning showers and that north wind 14 to 28. here is a look at the planner with the spotty morning showers. 8:00 a.m., 48. 11:00 a.m., 48. and 2:00 in the afternoon 48. so that's where you talk about a steady temperature pattern there. 34 tomorrow night. and then look at thursday. we warm up with sunshine. 63. there's another front that crosses on veteran's day wh and windy weather. 49. but temperatures falling. and the latest data suggesting a dry weekend. partly cloudy on saturday. but chilly. 46. sunday windy, sunshine, 58. and next monday partly cloudy skies and 54 degrees. let's head over to dan deroos. >> dan: thank you, jeff. here in the answer center.
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you're entitled to freebies. the companies are a bobliging b that. after the rough voting cycle we've had, i think i few people might be in there having a beer or two. a great bakery has a free macaroon. you can go in and get one of those. krispy kreme they love to give out the free doughnuts because they know you're going to buy more than just one when you're in there. that's the case with marco's pizza. if you cast a vote, you go to their facebook page and cast a vote. you can print off a voucher for a free pizza. but how do you find all of them? very simple. you go to right here. it's one of our top clicked on items right now. local companies offering freebie discounts for election day. still have time to get out there and vote. polls close at 7:30. get yourself something free. getting answers in the answer center, mark, back to you. >> mark: dan, thank you. get this, spirit airlines is
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akron-canton area an escape from the election madness. before or after casting your ballot, stop by the spirit relaxation station at the community center on massillon road in north canton. you can soak up the sunny vibes of florida by virtual reality glasses. we spoke to a couple of people, one guy truly enjoying the pampering there. >> it's a great way to end this whole craziness. i don't want to go back to work. free spirit miles certificate. that's not bad. spirit miles are all right. >> romona: exactly. coming up at 4:00, a politically themed edition of what's trending. >> romona: with this random act of kindness. these stories and more after the break. look, anyone who thinks
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. on the day we end a divisive campaign season an act of kindness is going viral. >> romona: and now it's our turn to have our voices heard on this election day. >> mark: the candidates encouraging you to break your silence and vote. the hillary clinton campaign staff took part in the mannequin challenge. today we make america great again. well, the google doodle is polling location. today's doodle encourages you to get off the couch and into the polling booth. when the polls close tonight at 7:00, google will integrate real time election results into your google search results. facebook is also reminding its users to vote by offering to help you find your polling place. and president obama had no worries this morning. he played basketball with his
4:25 pm
i was talking about this on facebook. he played for more than an hour before heading back to the white house. and that's where he'll stay for the rest of the night. he does not plan on making any in person statements about the winner. and a nice little break from the election. a south carolina teen's act of kindness is trending. tae moore brought his classmate taylor baits a pair of air jordan after he saw him being bullied over his shoes. the kids bully him over the way he dresses. bait said he almost cried at the act of compassion. the post has been viewed nearly 3 million times. >> romona: oh, that one gets to me. that's tugging at the heart there. >> mark: okay. stress. we are feeling it, especially
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. all right. i'm lydia esparra. where everybody is going to be. all of the action is going to take place there. with the ticker, you're going to see that behind me. starting at around 7:00. we also have some experts that are coming in to talk about key issues and races that affect your community. this is going to be a wild and long night like buckle in because we're going to be here for a while. ramona and mark, back to you. >> romona: that's what we do. >> mark: yep. settle in over there. republican incumbent mark portman is trying to clinch his second term. >> romona: he's been keeping former governor ted strickland as a distance. we have team coverage on this race in columbus. let's go to catherine bosley. >> catherine: we are at the democratic party victory party
4:30 pm
whole state of ohio at the hyatt regency. you can sense the excitement in the air for a lot of the democratic races, especially the presidential race. joining me now is party chairman for the state of ohio. thank you for being with us. >> thanks. >> catherine: your predictions ahead. this has been a testy race. >> right. obviously we hope to see ted win. ted has come back in races even when he was behind. he is behind thanks to tens of millions attacking his record. he's come back before. if we get a good democratic surge, that can happen tonight. >> reporter: then we'll go on to the presidential campaign. you're thinking things are going to lean towards the democratic party. >> yes. early vote showed us a lot of good things. one, it was very high in a lot of the big cities. two, women really voted in high numbers in the early vote. 57% of the people that voted
4:31 pm
if that happens today, if that's a predictor of today, i think she'll win because of that. third, we saw a lot of republicans vote for hillary clinton. if we see that again today, i think she'll win. so early vote showed us that our better organization is making a difference but also showed patterns that i think will lead to a good day today. >> reporter: certain a few cases here where it's not over until it's over. and this party doesn't begin until it's over all together. you say you still knocking on doors trying to get out the vote. how much of a difference does make for strickland. stranger things have happened. >> right. so right now we have thousands of volunteers knocking on doors, making phone calls. we know who voted and who hasn't quite voted yet. our goal is to make sure we get every single person out. if they show up in big numbers, it can change the outcome of election. keep working. if you haven't voted yet, you have a couple hours. make sure to vote before 730 tim t
4:32 pm
thank you so much for being with us. aj and, of course, we have the republican side coming later on this afternoon and going into this evening. and, of course, we're going to be here until the party is over. back to you guys. >> mark: catherine, thank you. if you want to show off the fact you did your civic duty, you need to know dan deroos has all of that. dan. >> dan: it's a very simple hashtag #. there it is right there. i voted ohio. we want everybody selfie crazy. make sure you're not doing it while you're driving, though. we have a collection of them. as people vote, both hillary and trump supporters, you can see all of the pictures that are coming in for all over. that's the house of blues. they posted that that they voted. so we've created this hashtag # and it is taking off right now as people are putting out selfies of their sticker, of doing their civic duty, and we
4:33 pm
very simple. one more time. there it is. take your selfie. use the hashtag #ivotedohio and you can go to and see the slide show. it's going to be a great day, great night. everybody should be proud that they actually went out and voted. you've got three more hours to do so. getting answers in the answer center, dan deroos, back to you. all right, dan. thank you. and, hey, do you know what, we're going to have some rain. that's not going to really go away tonight. wee with us through the night up until about 7:00 a.m. and this is actually going to turn into some lake-effect rain here as well. wet travel. winds are going to continue to pick up. not a real heavy rain. and it's not super cold. i mean, we're in the 50s. that's a little bit above normal for this time of year. we'll be that way tonight. we have the steadiest rain moving through the lake erie islands, sandusky and erie county, vermilion and into lorraine county.
4:34 pm
rain. the only spot where it's not raining yet youngstown, columbiana county, and now it's just starting to rain in stark county. it turned gray after the sunshine that we had the first half of the day anyway. but showers and wind tonight. a much colder feel tomorrow. got a cold front coming through. but it doesn't last. we warm up again on thursday only to see another cooldown as we get into friday. first alert weather app free download. make sure you download it now. you get radar updates. we'll give you these little video clips of when the weather turns nasty in your area. we're going to be doing that as we continue to monitor the weather here on election night. 7:00, 55. 9:00, 54. and still over night we only drop into the upper 40s. now, the chance of rain tomorrow will be highest early in the
4:35 pm
time we get to 11:00 a.m. and certainly by 1:00 in the afternoon. so it will be spotty morning showers tomorrow. but a windy day. it's going to feel like a november day tomorrow. a lot of that low cloud cover. and only 48. and that wind is not going to make things feel comfortable out there. gusting over 25. so you can see we just kind of hold steady mid to upper 40s throughout the day tomorrow. and, again, maybe dealing -- for the morning commute. planning forecast coming up. i'll show you even more change in the extended forecast straight ahead. ramona. well, we've been talking a lot about stress as it relates to the election. you know it can take ahold on our eating habits. and dr. susan albers of the cleveland clinic says there is a connection between stress and our appetite. but it isn't the same for everyone. >> some people overeat when they feel stressed.
4:36 pm
their appetite. they're so focused on their stress that they don't hear or tune into their hunger cues. >> romona: well, dr. albers says it's a good idea to keep things at your desk that will help reduce your anxiety, like a stress ball and allow yourself a five minute break to close your eyes and take some deep breaths. all right. still to come, more cleveland 19 news at 4:00. and as jeff mentioned earlier there, we have some rain showers out there at this t. could be slowing down -- could be. oh, it is. almost a complete stop. 77 coming out of the city. we're going to keep an eye on that as we go throughout the rest of the afternoon and into the evening. . >> first alert traffic on
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. joining us now to talk all things presidential is dr. mark cassell. he's a professor at kent state. >> mark: mark, go flashes. i'll throw that out there right now. [ laughing ] >> kent state. >> mark: so, listen, ohio battle ground state. although that has been a little questionable over the last year or two. how would clinton win, how would trump win when it comes to the battle grounds? >> so the past -- both of them are very, very different, right. clinton has an easier past than trump does.
4:40 pm
took. but then flip a couple of states that obama took in 2008. so, for example, obama took florida, ohio. for trump to win, he has to flip all three of those and at the same time he has to take arizona and he has to take north carolina. those are two states that romney took. go ahead. i'm sorry. >> romona: no. you can finish. i was just wondering then why does it seem as if ohio has been left out of the crucial state picture? because everyone is focusing on pennsylvania, north carolina, florida. they keep for either of the candidates. >> i know. that's a great question. i think -- well, there's a couple things going on, right. first of all, i wouldn't -- ohio is still incredibly important. it's got a lot of electoral vote and i think it matters a big deal. the difference is that ohio is different than it has been in the past. it doesn't really match up demographically to the rest of the country. it doesn't have very many latinos. it's a slightly older population. the income levels in ohio are slightly less than in other parts of the country. and so kind of the bellwether
4:41 pm
doesn't quite match up these days. >> mark: let's talk a little bit about methodology here and how we follow what these candidates are up to and what they're not up to. do you remember back in '12 it was a lot of how obama won was accredited to a massive grounding. and those don't show up as well as the old standby methodology of checking polls and that sort of thing. in fact, a lot of people would say that romney thought this was a win going into -- going into that night. who has got the better gro >> well, there's no question. i mean, hillary clinton has a huge advantage when it comes to ground game. i don't really think donald trump has a ground game. i mean, you don't see it. his strategy has been to build momentum through his speeches, through his rallies where he's getting 20, 30,000 people. much the way that mitt romney got right before the election. if you remember in 2012, romney held a huge rally out -- i think it was in westchesterville. and it was massive.
4:42 pm
but, you know, it wasn't enough to help him win the election. and my sense is that donald trump and the trump campaign are relying on social media. they're relying on big rallies to generate momentum but they don't have the same ground game that hillary clinton has. and it will be interesting. it's sort of a nice experiment. does it matter. >> romona: and someone threw this out so i'm going to throw it out there. >> okay. >> romona: what if neither candidate gets to 270? what would happen? >> well, let's hope that that -- let's all hope that doesn't happen. >> mark: by your reaction, doctor, we can guess that might not be a good thing. >> several things. it depends obviously on why, right. so if it's another case of florida where the election is contested in the state, then it would go to the courts. and we saw what that meant. and, of course, now that we have a four floor split, i can't even imagine how that works. >> romona: i know. >> but typically if it were thrown up, it would go to the state. there would be a convention. you would have state -- each of the state legislators would send
4:43 pm
right now republicans control the state legislatures. it's likely they would after this election. it's likely that if that happened -- let's not go there. >> romona: sorry i did that for you. >> it's a great question. >> mark: it's a great thesis. >> lots of dissertations will be written. >> mark: thank you very much for taking the time. >> thanks for having me. >> mark: we really do appreciate it. we spoke with shelby miller a little earlier in the 4:00 hour. let's see what's going on right now at the board of >> reporter: hey, mark, it's in fact even died down i would say a little bit here at the board of elects. we're less than three hours away from when the polls close to night. you see barely even a line here right now. and they really aren't expecting it to be that bad if you still have it get out and vote. they're expecting lots of people to vote in cuyahoga county. it sounds like a lot but really it's not that bad. in fact, that is less than it was four years ago. and they did a poll with about
4:44 pm
95% of voters said they either had a good experience today or very good experience. that's great to hear. there have been some complaints today. there have been computer issues. i'm told it's nothing they can't handle. also there are observers here for both parties. and voters say they're just getting too close to that and making them feel a little uncomfortable in some situations. and then finally some voters are upset because they're showing up to places like this and they're told they have to vote provisionally. so they've been redirected after arriving to >> for us to double-check or ensure that they will not double vote is to require them to vote provisionally. so then we go and match the data the vote by mail ballot was not returned to us. we are getting complaints that they are required to vote provi provisionally. >> reporter: now, as people get off work, they're expecting this to pick up somewhat. at 7:30.
4:45 pm
vote, make sure you do so. coming up at 5:00, i'll talk about security because there has been a snafu going on here earlier today. i'll talk more about that coming up in just about a half-hour. for now, let's send it back into the studio for dan deroos. >> dan: thank you very much, shelby. we want to expand just a little bit on some of the key thanks that are going to be what you want to watch for tonight that will give indications on who is going to win. first of all, let's talk about for donald trump to win. for donald trump to win,re college. he has to win a state like florida. we'll turn florida win. north carolina. he has to win ohio, which he's sort of leading in the polls. and he has to win iowa. if he doesn't win all of those states, probably going to be a rough road. for hillary clinton to win tonight, she's got to hang on to the rust belt. she has to win virginia. she has to win pennsylvania. she has to keep ahold on michigan. and she's got to keep ahold on wisconsin. if she takes that path, she has
4:46 pm
about all those states we just talked about is they're all on the east coast, which means we could know fairly early on just who is going to win this battle. this may not be one of those 2:00, 3:00 a.m. deals where we're trying to see who our winner is. basically based on florida, north carolina, ohio, iowa and michigan. those are the states that are really at play. another thing we need to watch for is did the african-american vote come out. obviously it came out heavily in the past two obama. we already know that in cuyahoga county the early voting numbers are down dramatically from where they were eight years ago. those are votes that you would have expected to go towards hillary clinton, so we're going to have to watch that very closely. also according to cnn, we want to look who is winning the latino vote. according to the latest cnn poll, hillary clinton at 49%,
4:47 pm
interesting. these are all of the things i'm going to be keeping an eye on tonight to see just how the election night is going to go. and, of course, we'll have all of that information for you right here at cleveland 19. we'll be right back. now on the cleveland 19 news app powered by the calvetta brothers floor show. it's time to fall
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all right. feazel roof cam. we're looking at 77 slow go out of town as you might expect with the wet roadways out there. in fact, we're seeing some of the steadiest rain right now in the cleveland area. boy did it turn dreary on this election afternoon after the sunshine. it was a bright start to the day. and then, oh, that's it, here comes the rain. here is a look at the live scan. ford first alert doppler max.
4:51 pm
basically from cleveland west. it's not raining as hard further inland. but let's zoom in here. lakewood, rocky river, north olmsted, rain is going to start to pick up in downtown cleveland and this should extend to maria, middleburg heights, erie county, my lynn and vermilion. you see this yellow color, these yellow and oranges, that's where we have some steadier showers occurring. that's what is going to be with her through the night. you'll be dodging isolated showers in the morning tomorrow. look at that temperature drop. 48 for the high. we were in the 60s today before the rain hit. but that doesn't last. now, we drop into the 30s tomorrow night. a little cool. but then on thursday, sunny, windy, back up to 63. how about that. veteran's day cloudy, windy, isolated showers, 49 and falling
4:52 pm
saturday here with a partly cloudy sky. 46. weekend looks dry. sunday 58 and sunshine. so we're all over the place here. and then things just kind of level out. mid 50s monday and tuesday. no alerts after tonight, by the way. so once this rain ends tomorrow morning, we don't have much of it in the forecast. but we have the 48 tomorrow. 63 thursday. and then back down to the 40s on 46 saturday. and then here we are. back up to 58 on sunday. now, if you download our first alert weather app, cleveland 19 first alert weather app, you can stay in tune with what day is going to be warm and what day is going to be on the chilly side. ramona. and just a reminder, cleveland 19 news will bring you non-stop election coverage from 7:00 until 11:30 tonight on cleveland 19 and our sister station cle43 as well as our
4:53 pm
bipartisan birthday. >> mark: find out how this little girl celebrated since the day she turns 3 is the day we elect a new president. look at this steak, just sitting there, taunting you. what's worse? it's not alone. it comes with this, this, or this too. are you gonna do something about it? if not? good luck sleeping tonight. longhorn steakhouse. tonight's special: great steak pairings. a center cut sirloin with a choice of bacon-wrapped shrimp, baby back ribs, or parmesan crusted chicken.
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. it's time for a little useless trivia with me, mark nolan. hey, ramona. >> romona: hi, mark. >> mark: this one might throw you. >> romona: yuh-oh. >> mark: a recent survey showed what percentage of americans couldn't live without a car. >> romona: 80 percent. >> mark: only 40%. >> romona: really?
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
now a message of bipartisanship from a 3-year-old. >> romona: today is her birthday so she decided to have fun with election day. haley dressed up as donald trump and hillary clinton for a photo session. the facial expressions were all her own. the indiana toddler plans to spend her election day birthday
4:57 pm
cutest candidate. look at her. >> mark: chuck e. cheese. no. don't do it. >> romona: that's where you have to go. >> mark: okay. we continue our team coverage on campaign 2016 at 5:00. stay with cleveland 19 news for the very latest beginning in just minutes.
4:58 pm
4:59 pm
cleveland 19 news sponsored by bill doraty kia and kia of streetsboro. kia, what's in your driveway? asking questions, getting answers, cleveland 19 news starts now. >> denise: right now at 5:00 it is decision day in northeast ohio and the country. one man in cleveland was
5:00 pm
count. he drove a mower to cast his ballot at the fathima family center. buckle up northeast ohio, the commercials, the rallies, the campaigning is over. get ready for a long and interesting night. >> it certainly will. cleveland 19 with live team coverage. we are covering both local presidential campaigns and important races and issues in our area. we kick it off with shelby county board of elections. good evening. >> hey, chris. you see the line behind us. not really too bad at the board of elections in cleveland. in fact, this is the longest i have seen a line since i have gotten here. it speaks to how not bad it is to get out and vote. if you are worried about a line, i wouldn't be concerned at all. voters survey show voters waited 10 minutes or less today and the director told us the longest


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